Baby hat question

I want to knit a pretty basic baby hat. Or two. I have an all purpose hat instructions where you calculate head circumfrence (what is a baby head circumfrence? It seems to me that it can vary a bit), yarn type etc. I have also looked at numerous baby hat patterns. But instructions vary greatly in the amount to CO, anywhere from 60-90 stitches. I want it to fit a newborn but have a bit of room for use up to a few months of age. I was going to make the brim ribbed with K1P1 ribbing. Anyway I started one in a worsted wt acrylic with 70 stitches and decided it looked way too small. The yarn called for size 8 needles, but my 16 inch circulars are size 7. I could cast on more and go with that, but I really want a more precise answer. I’m also considering not using the acrylic after all and making one in Sugar & Cream instead which I generally do use size 7’s on.

Any tips?


Have you knit a gauge swatch? It all depends on your gauge. Accordin to Yarn Standards, the standard head circumference for a baby is 14". So for instance if you’re knitting 4 sts/inch, you’d want to cast on 56 sts (give or take a few depending on what stitch you’ll be knitting). If you’re knitting 5 sts/inch, you’d cast on 70 sts.

Check out this site It will help you determine how many to cast on depending on your gauge and head size.

i agree. you have to knit a gauge swatch.

Here’s a quick tutorial. I always count stitches for at least 2 inches. The more you count, the more accurate it will be.