Baby Hat Pattern

Anyone know of a good baby hat pattern using dpn’s and not a circ?

well i personally love this hat…it is just too small for most babies i know from what i can tell. I believe Binky is making it though so maybe she can tell us how it sizes when it is done.

I just found this one, I think I may do it.

But if anyone has any other ideas keep em coming

awww that one is cute too but i don’t have any little girls to knit for. i like the rolled brim one on the hat patterns page on this site too. there is one in Knit one Felt too that i want to do too. i am just waiting for my 16inch circs to show up. (yeah i wanna use circs to start out…hate using DPNs to start)

anyway can’t you pretty much put ANY circular knitted hat on DPNs?

LOL Ya Brenda, as I started looking around I was thinking the same thing. Its been a crazy day for me, not enough sleep!

well i was thinking that there was something i didn’t know about doing that which was good cuz i like to avoid projects where i have to start them on DPNs :wink:

but i am glad you asked it cuz it reminded me of a question i had!! :smiley: