Baby Hat Pattern - My own design

A friend of mine is knitting hats for a charity and asked her fellow knitters to help. I decided to use the opportunity to design my own hat pattern.

I’m attaching the pattern (I hope) and picture of my test knit hat from the pattern.

Free pattern - please use for either charity or own use. Let me know if you find any errors or confusions in the pattern. It is the first one I have ever written.

Very cute hat! I’llhave to try it out for my next baby hat adventure.

Your hat is very cute. I love that yarn.

That’s an adorable hat! Thanks for the pattern!

If you click the link in my sig you can learn how to post photos.

Love the hat! I viewed it on your blog because when I tried to view the pdf instructions, I got an error message. Just thought I’d let you know. The hat is adorable - thanks very much for sharing!

view my blog:

Amyo - I just sent you a private message - I included the pattern since you couldn’t view my attachment.

Thank you

I also could not view the pattern or attachment. Sorry! I’d love to have a look…

I’m really sorry about the link, I’m not sure why some people can see it and others can’t. I’m able to view it on other computers and in other locations - so I I’m unable to troubleshoot.

The.Knitter - I just sent the pattern to you so check your inbox.

Thank you -

Got it, thanks so much!!!