Baby hat, booties, mitts

I’m trying to figure out how to put a picture here instead of a link. The last one didn’t work. Try again. :ick:

These little items were all knit from the same yarn. A Red Heart baby yarn. The three things on the right were all made from an old pattern in a pattern booklet. The booties on the left were made from one of Megan Mills’ free patterns available online.

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They are adorable!

Those are so cute! I love the colors


Did you make the picture appear? Your effort to explain it to me fails. LOL I don’t get it. I have more things I want to post so may try again. Thanks. Merigold

Yes, I made it appear. :slight_smile: If you click the original link you posted:
you will get a page like I’ve got here in the attached screenshot image. I’ve added the confusing info for you so maybe this will be easier. Click the attachment and it be full size.

Very very cute and beautiful colors!

Nice knitting again

They’re lovely. A beautiful set and they look ultra soft too. The hat is super sweet. I really like the pattern on that.

They all look great! So cute!!

Thanks friends!! :hug: Merigold

How adorable! The colors in the yarn are just precious!