Baby Girl Sweater, Blanket & Bib

I made these for my new baby niece. It is my first attempt at making a sweater so I figure what the heck start out small.

I had all the pieces knitted for a long time but I don’t like to sew and don’t really know how to sew. I watched Amy’s video on the mattress stitch and was amazed at how invisible it really did turn out. I was showing everyone. :rollseyes: Thanks Amy, I couldn’t have finished without your help!!! :thumbsup:

I finished sewing the sweater together the night she was born. Let’s just say I won’t be making another sweater anytime soon. I just wished that I liked to sew. :pray:

Now the blanket that was easy and fun. I used this pattern
with Bernat Baby Coordinate holding 2 strands–White, Baby Pink and Sweet Pink.

The baby bib is crocheted.

:inlove: Those are stunning! What a great job - I’m sure they will be treasured!

Those are pretty! Love those colors! :heart:

Those are all really lovely!! :heart: How did you like the Bernat Baby Coordinates? I considered it for my last project but went with Softee Baby, also very nice!

I’m sure your gift will be treasured! :smiley:

Just beautiful!

Too, too sweet…love them :heart:

Great job!!

Beautiful!! Baby sweaters are a great way to learn to make sweaters–same principles, different size. And you always have the option of a top down seamless sweater. :wink:

Great job! Very pretty sweater!!

Wow, everything looks great! The sweater is really beautiful!

Beautiful! Everything looks so good, I can’t pick a favorite! :cheering:


Those look great! Where did you get the bib pattern at? I :heart: it.


wow !!! i LOVE the color of pink you chose !!! NICE NICE !!!

Here is the link for the bib but you have to sign up. I made it without the star.

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

Very pretty! I love the colors.