Baby Dress

I have been looking for baby dress patterns, but all of them seem to be so small- they all seem to start with 57 stitches on a 4 mm needle. I have tried multiple times, and the result is so small (doll size) that I am a little scared of trying again. I don’t see how a dress or sweater can be the right size with this amount of stitches- I also tried the 6 month old size of the cardigan, and it is preemie size too!

The pattern is described as “early, small newborn” so I suspect it’s for a preemie. I think your best bet would be to look for something similar on Ravelry using the search tool for 3-6 months, for example.

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Searching Ravelry for an larger size is a good idea. In additon, the pattern you linked to does include a version for 6 months and links to sizes 9-12 months, 1-3 years and 4-6 years. Go to the end of the pattern just before the comments.

57 stitches does sound tiny as I just cast on 58 for a baby hat (first hat).
Drops do lots of free patterns maybe you’d like to try on of theirs? I know not everyone likes drops patterns but I’ve followed a few and seem to be okay with them (normal level of head scratching, glaring at it and then asking here for clarification).

Just some examples but they have lots and the sizes go up bigger, baby to age 4 then another section age 2 to 14.

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This is a cute one by Taiga Hilliard. It knits up to a nice size.
She has others available that are also free.

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