Baby Cocoon

I just found out about the Baby Cocoon. It’s knitted and the baby fits into it…Never knew this existed. My niece’s daughter would like me to knit one and I can’t find a pattern. I did find a picture but I can’t afford to buy it. Would there be a free pattern out there that I could try. I am sending a link to what I am talking about and I hope it works. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you…Mary

I love that! Unfortunately I have not seen a pattern for it. But, I will keep looking and let you know if I run across one; I would love to have one for the little girl I am expecting!

it looks like a oversize hat–use large needles and a chunky yarn (the yarn looks like a think and thin spun yarn–)
Use a slightly larger needle than suggested for yarn (ie, if they suggest 10.5–use an 11 (if you knit tight, use a size 13)

cast on 4,
join into a round,
Increase 4 on first round
after that,
1 round no increase, 1 round with 8 increases.

continue increasing till you have a 20 to 28 inch tube.

knit straight (plain rounds) until tube is about 20 inches long.
(alternately, work the rounds in garter stitch–1 round Knit (increase roung) 1 round purl (plain/no increase)/after you have enough stitches, continue in garter (with no increases on knit rounds)

bind off loosely.

Well if that isn’t the cutest baby in the world I don’t know what is!

I would try it without a pattern! It just looks like a little bag knitted in the round with a little decreasing toward the bottom with running the yarn through the last row & pulling tight.

Looks really snuggly- I bet babies like it.

Would you use a mohair or baby alpaca or maybe a blend? Or, would you stick with an acrylic?

That is a cute baby and he/she looks adorable in the cocoon. It does look like a long hat to me, too.

All that said I would NOT put a baby in one of these… my experience with babies (my own 2) tells me that their diapers often don’t hold what they are supposed to and can you imagine trying to take that off… Gah! :zombie: As cute as this is I think blankets are better or some sort of wrap that has a strap or tie if you want it secure.

I have to agree with Jan on this one. Perhaps if you made it a tube with a drawstring at the bottom? It’s adorable, though. :slight_smile:

Did anyone else get a giggle out of the “holy” design in the description? Apparently the seller can make it less “holy” if you desire it… :wink:

:rofl: That’s hilarious. Perhaps that’s to help with the leaky diapers. :aww:

Would you use a mohair or baby alpaca or maybe a blend? Or, would you stick with an acrylic?

Not mohair, that would be itchy. Stick to a washable yarn anyway, whether wool, acrylic or a blend.

In the description it sounds like you are just supposed to take photos of yer baby in it. :??

I went back onto the site this evening and noticed that the price had dropped from $45 to $8. After talking with her I found out the cocoon is made of a processed wool (to make it not scratchy). I was hoping for something a little more luxurious for $45 but for $8 it would be cute for just a pic! Very simple to knit I am thinking, I am going to see how it goes this weekend.

Really? It still says $45 for me! Weird!

You must not have used the secret handshake, Jan…

As a mom of 9 kids, I can say that while it look absolutely adorable, I can’t see that it would be practical at all!

If the baby’s asleep, you’ll wake him up trying to get him in. If he’s awake, trying to get him in might be quite irritating to him.

For diaper changes, it will be sort of a pain to get on and off–and if he’s shirtless under there, he’ll freeze during a diaper change.

So…very cute, but not something I’d want to mess with. :slight_smile:

I wonder if LionBrand homespun would work—it’s pretty soft, too.

I found two patterns for sale for $3 & $8



Hope this helps!:slight_smile:

I think you are right. my girlfriend wants me to make 2 for her photo studio and I am winging the pattern, but I was starting from the top and reducing stitches at the bottom to bind off like a hat.

Other than a cute photo op I see no use for it. The loose knit would make it a nightmare for tiny fingers and toes and the many holes makes me wonder how warm it would actually be, not to mention the practicality of “fine” fiber.

Yep, I got a chuckle. Babies make anything look cute. I think if you knit a rhino sized leg warmer and close one end you’d have it. Actually, if I used one of these on a real baby I’d want it “holier than thou” just to allow more air in.

I actually tried that this fall; I made 2 and a half attempts LOL – I wanted them to be snug like a good swaddle but open at the end (with drawstring) for diaper changes …

The first: not quite stretchy enough, especially with the bind off around the hood (whoops - need to learn the stretchy bind off)

[B]Attempt #1:[/B]

neighbor kid (pictured) loved it once it was on, but it was too much tugging to get it over his head and down, and it couldn’t be taken off either way (which might be important in the event of a blowout diaper)

[B]Attempt #3:[/B]

my baby loved it once it was on :slight_smile: and the width was much stretchier, but the length/bulky yarn made the whole thing too bulky to easily get baby into - again had to tug the tube up or down (tried it both ways) and baby didn’t like to be in the middle on the way … plus it was hard not to get it on twisted, so baby’s face aligned with the hood hole. I ended up frogging the hood, and will probably frog the whole thing, eventually.

The other one (attempt #2, not pictured) was with a thin yarn (DK weight) and was looking more like a nice sweater sleeve, but I decided it wasn’t going to have enough circumference … so I abandoned it for now.

Anyway, just my experience, I have not gotten the “long tube with a drawstring” to work for me, yet.

I’m posting this so maybe someone can learn from my mistakes and improve on the idea, LOL - because both babies DID love being snuggled IN them.

Those are cute! But my 6yo was just looking at the pictures over my shoulder and said, “Isn’t it a little cruel to torture those babies like that?”:rofl: