Baby Cashmerino subsitute

what could i get instead?

Pretty much any DK weight yarn will work, I think.

ok…school me…what is DK again?

Double Knitting. :thumbsup: (I think :oo: )

DK is double knitting, about half the thickness of worsted, usually around 5-6 st per inch.

Encore makes a nice dk–lots of colors and washable/dryable.

These are all the DK weight yarns listed on Yarndex (all 437 of them. :shock: )

What about the “old” Knitpicks Shine, not the new worsted weight? That would probably work.

Shine & Baby Cashmerino both have 24 stitches over 4 inches on size 3 needles, and Shine is about 1/3 of the price!

Are you substituting because you want something cheaper, or because you can’t find Cashmerino? This site has Cashmerino Aran for $5.60…and Rowan Classic Cashsoft DK has the same fiber content. :thumbsup:

The Aran is too thick, though. Great price, however!

DK is similar to Sport Weight.

thanks all. yeah i want something cheaper. its for my sister’s new baby and i can’t see myself spending that kins of money on anything for her! :rollseyes:

I like Plymouth Yarn’s Dream Baby DK–it comes in lots of baby colors…it’s an acrylic and microfiber blend. Feel softer in the skein than it knits up but it’s still pretty soft and it’s washable! :slight_smile: HTHs.

i definalty need something washable. i know she figure a way to ruin it just because its something i did that she can’t do. but i’m trying to be nice and knit something for her baby anyway… :?

well…at least look into the dreambaby dk…it’s 50/50 acrylic and microfiber. They have solids and a couple of prints that are neutral. Good luck!

I just touched the baby cashmerino at my LYS this week. I think I’ll look for patterns for sheets and pillow cases for it. :wink: Lord love a duck, that is the softest stuff I’ve put my hands on it a long time.

:thinking: :thinking: really… see now why did you have to tell me that??? :fingerwag:


Oh, it’s the BEST. It comes in 387689 different weights, so I want to make every pattern with it. :heart:

(Sorry!) :wink: