Baby cardigan

I’m not a novice knitter but I’m using a Sirdar baby cardigan pattern and can’t get the first row right. I start with 276 stitches and first row pattern is K1, *cast off 3 sts, K1 rep from * to end. Pattern says I should end up with 111 sts but actually ended up with about 78. Can’t work out what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions?

The numbers work like this (if I can explain clearly)
Take off the k1 at the beginning as it’s not repeated
276 - 1 = 275
Each repeat uses 5 stitches
275 ÷ 5 = 55 repeats
Each repeat casts off 3 stitches
3 stitches × 55 repeats = 165 decreases
275 - 165 = 110
Add back on that first stitch, k1
110 + 1 = 111 stitches remaining

This is the five stitches used in each repeat
K1 this is not part of the repeat

k2 pass 1 over, (2 used, 1 cast off)
K1 pass 1 over (1 used, 1 cast off)
K1 pass 1 over (1 used, 1 cast off)
K1 (1 used)
Total 5 used, 3 cast off.
When you begin the repeat don’t bind off that last k1 from the previous repeat, leave it on the needle. Begin with k2 pass 1 over as above.

Does this help?


Thanks for your quick response. It does seem to make sense so I’ll give it a try and let you know how I get on.

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I hope it works out the way it should.

Thank you so much for your help, it worked perfectly! Your calculations and explanation were so much clearer than in the pattern instructions. :clap:


Oh I’m so pleased to be able to help. We all just need someone to ask every now and then don’t we and this place helps so many of us.

I’ve seen a tutorial where the instruction bind off indicated a stitch already worked but I think the few patterns I have worked cast off means do a knit then another and THEN passover… and for these numbers it worked that way.

Patterns are often tricky to understand, I do wonder why they aren’t clearer, but we all adapt to them don’t we?

I hope we see the finished project if you share a photo.


This is what I’ve done so far, so you can see how well your help has worked!


Oh its so pretty!

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Hi Gail would you mind sharing which pattern for the cardigan you are following please? I just found out one of my colleagues is expecting a baby girl close to Christmas. I need to cast on something soon!

Thank you!

wellome to this great group Gailw .Nice neat stitches :wink: love the pattern so far and can’t wait to see finished project :smiley:

Hi Bonny, the pattern is in a Sirdar, The Essential Baby Book (273 Code C) and its Design G. I bought the book in Hobbycraft a few weeks ago.
I thought this was very pretty for a wee girl.

Hope you’re able to get the pattern.


Thank you, Gail. I’ll go to the yarn store tomorrow and see if they have the book. Have a great weekend!