Baby cardigan help


Pleaseee can someone help me. I am trying to knit a simple baby cardigan, have attempted so many times and have given up. Can someone please explain this step woken down for me as I’m so confused. When it says keeping continuity of part as set so I just continue rows 1,2,3,4 continuously until it reaches 8cm? I tried this however obviously with the k2tog parts I am decreasing my cardigan?? So this can’t be right. I’m sure it’s so simple but I can’t do it please help :frowning::frowning::frowning:


The k2tog instructions are balanced out by yarn overs so the stitch count won’t change in the body of the sweater. The pattern uses, yon (yarn over needle), yfwd (yarn forward) or yrn (yarn round needle) to describe these steps depending on the adjoining sts but they are all basically yarn overs that add a loop or stitch on the needle.

Here’s a video for some of them: