Baby Cardigan Help

Hi there! I’m a somewhat seasoned knitter, but this is my first cardigan project. I have 119 stitches I’m working with, And They want me to put those stitches on a stitch holder and start the 2 sleeves.

My question is, do I cut the yarn to do the sleeves? I’m trying to figure out how they all go together, and YouTube isn’t helping me much. I’ll include a picture of the section I’m having a problem with. TIA for the help!

Also here’s is the link to the pattern I’m using!

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According to this the next part of the sweater you are working on is the sleeves. I would leave the yarn attached and start the sleeves with another ball because it seems that you will need to continue when you get to the yoke

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If you have another ball of yarn, you can leave the working yarn attached to the body of the sweater. If you look down to the directions for the yoke, the first step is to knit across a RS row so you’re working yarn will be in position to do that.
You can use a new end of yarn to work the sleeves, either one at a time or two at a time.
I’ve had this sweater in my favorites so I’m looking forward to seeing your project.

I especially love the green color that they show it in

Thank you! I have only one skein left of this yarn. It’s a mostly cotton sport weight with a touch of cashmere. I’ll show u a dress I made with it! Can I use the other end of the yarn to make the sleeves?

Lovely color and darling dress. Yes, use the other end of yarn.

@trisha54, we are of one mind!

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That is a beautiful dress. I particularly like the center stitchery. Do you per chance have a link to the pattern that you could post? I would love to make that for the daughter a dear friend of mine. I am always looking for a new and interesting pattern.

That is so pretty!

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This is such an easy pattern and so fun to knit up.

Thanks again for the tips!

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