Baby Caftan shape shoulders and neck question

Hi all,

I have only been knitting since Jan '08 but have done 10 scarves, 1 baby blanket (with double knitting involved) and a shawl…needless to say, I am addicted and slightly sick of straight projects, so I have branched out to do a caftan <eek!>

So I have the back finished to it’s 10" square and now the pattern calls to (RS) BO 11 st at beg of next 2 rows for shoulders; place rem 18 sts on holder for back of neck.

OK, so what I did was bindoff 11 st and well, have 18 stiches on a holder, but I dont get the next two rows (now I guess it would be only 1 though??). If I already BO where does the next row come from?
Thanks so much for all your help here…most appreciated :slight_smile:

Ok, so it sound like you should have had 40 sts when you began these instructions. BO 11 on the RS…finish that row. Turn to the purl side, BO 11 at the beginning of that row then have 18 left that you place on a holder.

THANKS so much! Now I understand…(a bit embarrased I had to ask…) But many many thanks!!!

You’re welcome! And don’t be embarrassed to ask…sometimes certain instructions just don’t “click”