Baby Bucket

I don’t have the intended wearer available for photos, so I apologize for the staging. This is my version of a baby bucket hat, for my nephew, Ben.

I added the “fishing lures” to macho it up!

That’s adorable!

:smiley: I love the ‘fishing lures!’ What a nice touch to a cool hat!

That is great! I love the lures - such a creative idea!

That is too cute!!

We need a picture of little Ben in it as soon as you can get your hands on him!!


Too cute!! Love the fishing lures! :cheering:

:smiley: Too, too cute, u r very creative with the fishing lures :wink:

Oh, that is too cute! I hope you’ll post another picture later, with the wearer in it. :smiley:

Oh that is adorable! Love the lures! :smiley:

That is sooo cute! :cheering: Did you make up the pattern or is it in a book somewhere? I’d really like to make a similar one for a friend’s baby. :thinking:

Sooo cute! The lures really make it special!

Very cute! Love the lures! My son would love that hat. Come to think of it, so would my daughter!!

That is gorgeous and I love the bright colours. :cheering:

How neat! I would have never thought of a fishing hat to make it more masculine!

:cheering: :cheering:

How cute can you get? Looks great. Please please, please, pictures with the model when you get a chance!

That is so cute! Great job! :thumbsup: