BABY BOY BLANKET-Pattern details PAGE 3

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Here is a baby blanket I have just finished for a friend who is due after Christmas . It is made with DK yarn in baby blue . The stitch I used throught was Mock Cable :muah:

Oh, you’ve done such a nice job on this pretty blanket, Rita. What a lovely gift!

Thanks for the closeup!:thumbsup:

Thank you so much Cindy :slight_smile: It means a lot that you like it my little master of design :hug:

What a pretty little blanket! It’s going to be so warm and soft this winter. Lucky baby!

very very pretty!!!

Rita what a great idea to use mock cable for a baby blanket:cheering: It is BEAUTIFUL.You always do suck lovely work my friend:hug:

That is beautiful Rita. The mock cable looks great. The new Mom will love it.

Thanks everyone . :slight_smile:
Hi Julie ! I just loved this stitch that i thought i would try it for a blanket and it really did work . I am really happy with it :slight_smile:
Sue- Thanks . I am glad that you like it :slight_smile:

Gorgeous as always! The blanket is nice too! :teehee: It’s such a nice subtle shade of blue you’ve used it looks lovely.

[quote=Nobones;1165120]Gorgeous as always! The blanket is nice too! :teehee: It’s such a nice subtle shade of blue you’ve used it looks lovely.[/quo

LOL Thanks girlfriend :roflhard: . Glad you liked it . Yarn was a big marriners 400g ball that i got from shaws last year .:slight_smile:

WOW! Your friend is so lucky to have you to knit beautiful things. I LOVE the blanket! It makes me think that I should be knitting a blanket for the baby I am expecting.

Thank you so much . Congratulations !

:woot: Great job! Love that stitch what a wonderful gift!

That’s a beautiful gift! I’m sure the mother will love it!

Gorgeous! Love the closeup pic…it really shows off the finished work. What weight and material is that yarn…I’m not familiar with it.
:thumbsup: :knitting:

Very, very nice! I love the mock cable. :slight_smile:

Soooo PRETTY, Rita! This is very nice and it really looks like it’ll be cuddly and warm.

Really lovely, Rita. I’m sure the mom will love it.

Is the pattern one you designed? Are you selling it or posting it anywhere? I’d love to make one, but couldn’t design my way out of my driveway.

Rita, that is lovely. I too appreciate the close up. We would miss out on a lot without it.

Thanks so much . The pattern is just made up of a plain Mock cable stitch . I do not have it written down . If you would like i can write it down for you.:slight_smile:

Thank you hun:) The weight of the yarn is DK and it is acrylic. :thumbsup: