Baby Booties

I am a new knitter and have been obsessed with making hats and baby booties. Here is a pair I made.

They look great!

Those are flawless. Did you say you’re a [U]new[/U] knitter? Well, perhaps you should stop calling yourself that cause your work looks like that of a pro!

Well done!

Wonderful! Cute and sweet. Very well done.

So cute! They look like little baby Uggs! Good work! Everything about them is perfect!!

Thanks ! Yes, I am new knitter. I have been crocheting though since I was 9 and I was also taught to knit then but didn’t do anything with it until now.

They’re great looking baby booties and they’ll stay on, too. Do you have a pattern link or did you make up this one? Wonderful work.

This is the pattern. The pattern is pretty easy to follow.

Love them, they’re adorable! Nice work too.

Those are adorable!!:inlove: Thanks for the pattern link!

How cute! :inlove:

I also made this hat but it didn’t come out that good :frowning:

I am still trying to figure out how to do entrelac in the round on dpns or with magic loop.

If your interested in the pattern it can be found here

Your hat’s still cute even though it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to! Nice color choices!

Your hat looks like something I’d see walking to high school or middle school! (I live really close to the schools here.) It’s great.

Thanks! It’s Newborn Size I make and sell my crocheted and knitted Items on Etsy.

Good job! Sweet pattern, too.

Lovely. Booties are next on my list of things to make