Baby booties

I am a little confused about the baby booties I am making.It says to rejoin the yarn where you cast off and then add 12 stitches. If I cast on 12 more stiches, the hole I made by casting off will disappear. Am I doing something wrong?

Are you at the end of the pattern? I think that’s just for the strap?

Thanks I figured it out- my only issue now is… how do I make my button hole bigger? The button I chose is too big to fit the hole that the pattern allots for it! All in all, I’m pretty impreseed with myself- the booties have turned out beautiful (or at the least the left one has!):slight_smile: :knitting:

How much bigger is the button? If its a little too big it may be fine. Knitting stretches a lot and eventually buttons tend to not want to stay in the hole.

The button seems to be a lot bigger- maybe could I just use extra yarn in my yarn over?:knitting:

Hmm… Maybe try wrapping the yarn twice around the needle to make it bigger. Or you could just do a regular buttonhole, but make it a two stitch one. That’s what I’d probably try.

Yeah, you could do a double yo and drop one of the loops off the needle. Or if you want - do a ssk yo2 and k2tog, then on the next row work into both loops of the double yo. You would have to do that as k1 p1 to keep the 2 sts.

now I am sewing (or need to sew) the booties on the bottom- how do I do invisible seaming on a garter stitch?

You can still use Mattress stitch on garter.

You can use mattress stitch as in this video. Even though it’s stockinette that’s being joined, the idea of joining the Vs is the same. I’ve made these booties and I’ve just used a whip stitch to close the bottom seam. It works nicely with the cast on and although not invisible, looks fine.

I’m working on the same pattern and have finished the knitting part… but like the OP my button holes are TINY. I’ve thought about just stitching the strap and button to the shoe and have it just be decorative instead of functional. Do you think the shoe would be too difficult to slip onto the foot if I do that?

It does look like it might be a problem getting the booties on with just a decorative button. If the strap is loose enough to work with a decorative button, the booties may slip off too easily. Since the buttonhole row is almost at the very end of the finished bootie, I’d take out the sts and re-knit with a larger buttonhole. A double yarn over may make it too large but you could try it or just do a rather loose single yarn over that isn’t pulled tightly at all.

Thanks! I’m too scared to undo it so I’m going to try with the button and if it definitely won’t fit, I think I’ll use ribbon instead of the button.