Baby booties

Hi guys. So I’ve started these baby boots or soft shoes but am struggling with the instruction regarding making the strap. So it says,

Rejoin yarn to end of 9 sts on holder and cast on 12 sts using cable cast on.

I don’t know hw to cable cast on but found a vid showing it, so I’ll manage that I think but I dnt know how to do all this in addition to the 9 sts. Pls help.thanks

just to make it clearer my questions are:

  1. do i make a slip knot? or just attach the yarn like i would do in any other attaching of yarn?

  2. the 9 sts and these new 12 sts - do they need to be joined in any way or will they be seperate and then knitted together in the next row (the instructions fo rthe next row are: k12 then k9 sts from holder. 20 sts)

There’s a video for cable cast on under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Cast ons. The sts that you cast on in addition to the 9sts already there will be loosely attached due to this cast on but they’ll be more firmly attached when you work the next row.

ok done it thanks. next question:

to finish it says:

right sides together, fold shoe in half and stitch back seam. turn right side out and oversew seam along center of sole.

what does turn right side out adn oversew seam mean?

oh and whats the best method to stitch teh back seam and center of teh sole seam???

guys what does it mean by oversew???

You can try a mattress st for the back of the bootie or you can do as they recommend and put the right sides together and stitch a seam along the edge. I use a running back stitch which is a hand sewing stitch. For the sole, you can just overstitch through the cast on or cast off edge, whichever is on the sole, then over the seam and through again. It’s not fancy but it’ll work rather well.

hi thanks fo rthat. im relly soryr but dont quite get the sole bit. how doe sthat work? is there a vid or anything available???

Possibly some of the seams in this tutorial will help. I found a picture of the overcast done on fabric so you just have to translate them to knitting. I pick up a loop from the cast on to seam the sole with the overcast st.