Baby Booties pattern help

[color=green]Hello all, I am new here and I have my first of many questions.
I am working a baby booties pattern that has seperate directions for the sole, sides, instep and cuff. Each set of directions start off with row one. At the end of everything the pattern says to sew the sole and back seam. Question: do I work each section separately and then sew each piece together or do I work everything together?
Thanks, Meredith[/color]

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Is the pattern online, so we can see it?
It sounds like it is all done in one piece then sewn in the back seam. Sometimes when they write the patterns, they start at row one for each part but you really just continue on, if you are looking for some really nice, easy to read baby bootie patterns let us know cause we can help :slight_smile:

Laura C

Thanks for the reply. The pattern is in the book I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting bought at Wal-Mart. The pattern basically reads:

Row 1blah blah blah
all the way to Row 5-12

Row 1
all the way to Row 14

It continues on like that through the instep and cuff and finishes at the end of the cuff for directions to bind off all sts loosely in purl then sew the sole and back seam. I can do the sts required in the pattern, I’ve just never made booties before and don’t know if I do everything together or not!

It could be that you’ll have to pick up stitches as you knit the pattern to join the tops and sides. Many bootie patterns have you do this to join all the pieces.

Since a bootie is such a small project, why not just follow the directions as given and see how it develops?

[color=green][/color] I agree. I think I will just “take off” and see where I end up by doing everything together!


I have that book. You just keep going they say row 1 so you just know your starting the next booty part.You don’t bind off any stitches till you’re done with the cuff.No picking up stisches.So you just keep knitting.LOVE this book.This what I use for reference all the time

Ok how about “turn the work around” How do you do that?? my baby bootie pattern is all stitched together in one piece.

At the end of rw 6, without turning work, c/o 4 sts using the ‘thumb cast-on’ (10 sts now)
Then turn work and make toe incrs, keeping heel straight. …

The bold part above I do not understand

After you cast on those stitches, turn the work the way you would to work back across. Switch the hands holding the needles to the stitches are on the left needle and you’re ready to knit with the right.