Baby bootie

Please could someone help me with the next step. It tells me to rejoin yarn where I cast off and I’m unsure how to do this… my picture shows on the middle is where I cast off and this is where it’s telling me to rejoin but how? Help appreciated

Put the 9sts on the holder onto a needle with the point of the needle (light blue in photo) facing toward the right in the photo. Cable cast on 12 sss (purple dots). You can hold the yarn end (about 6 inches)with your left hand until you’ve got the cast on started. Once the sts are cast on, knit the 12 and continue with the 9sts to the end of the row.

Ok thankyou very much. On the right bootie it tells me to turn I’m unsure how to do this

Row 21: Knit 9 stitches on needle; turn work and cast on 12 stitches at end of row using cable cast-on method

Turn the knitting as you would at the end of a row. You’re going to take the right hand needle in your left hand and cable cast on the 12sts for the strap.

Just to confirm have I got this right? Start knitting these 9 or the other side where the holder is for the bootie? I’m left handed so so I’m so confused :woman_shrugging:

Is this the left bootie or the right? Does the photo show the right side or the wrong side?
The major difference in right and left booties is the placement of the strap. The two booties should be mirror images of each other.

This is the right bootie and unsure if right or wrong side as it’s all garter stitch

OK for the right bootie, this is the wrong side facing us. Place a marker on the opposite side to keep track of the right side (RS). You’re ready to cast on 12sts for strap onto the needle shown in your photo.

Once you’ve completed the strap, check to make sure the two booties are mirror images as shown in pattern photo.

Ok so I just cast on 21 then knit the 9 on the holder at the end?

It’s cast on 12sts. Those 12 strap sts plus the 9 on the needle gives you 21sts.

Thankyou very much for your help