Baby bootie pattern trouble

Working on Jody Long’s Bobble Bootie pattern.
Under the “shape instep” part it says:
“Rejoin to inner edge of first 11 sts.” Is this referring to 11 of the 25 sts I have still holding on my other needle?

looks like my photo upload didn’t work, my apologies.

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I wonder if the instep with the bobbles is misplaced? Can you quote a couple of rows of the set up for working that instep?

Thank you for your response. I hope it’s ok if I send you a picture of the pattern.

Yes, a few pattern rows are fine. We just can’t post large portions of pattern due to designer copyright.

The instep with the bobbles should be in the center.

  1. Knit over 24sts leaving sts on the left hand needle unworked.
  2. Turn and purl back over 13 of the sts you just knit. That will also leave sts unworked on the left hand needle.
    From now on you’ll be working back and forth on the center 13sts. You’ll get to the others later.

About where to rejoin yarn, it’s probably here.

I so appreciate your effort to help me understand! Would you mind if I sent a picture of my work so far?

We do have the photo in your first post but if there’s another, go ahead. The last photo worked out just fine.

I think I finally am understanding what you explained initially: the instep should be in the center. (!)
Are your drawings to show how to fix? Or to re-do?

You’ll have to re-do the placement of the instep to get it into the center. Then the following directions will make sense.

Truly appreciate your help!!

Will your responses and images be saved somewhere in my account?

If you click on the circle next to your name (pale blue with the M) then click again on the M on the next screen, you’ll see a list of the topics you’ve posted or replied to. The responses should be saved there.
(You might also copy and paste whatever you want to a Word document or something similar just to be sure.)

Hello again. Long story, but I ripped back to the end of the ribbing rows (did not rip ribbing).
I think I messed up at this point of the pattern originally. Pattern reads:
Row 1(RS): K1,*P1, K1, rep from * to end.
Row 2 P1,*K1, P1, rep from * to end. These two rows form rib. Cont in rib for a further 11 rows, ending with WS facing for next row.
That is my confusion(for now). I have counted on my fingers and written it out on paper.
He means 13 total rows of ribbing. But if row 1 is the RS how can the last and another odd row be the WS?
Thank you

You’ll end having completed row 13 so that when you turn, the WS will be facing. You’ll be ready to knit a WS row. The odd number rows are RS rows, the even number rows WS.

Ah, yes. Thanks again.

Without seeing the pattern…it looks hokey at first but the pattern does work out. You will be adding length to the top of the foot (instep), shaping the rounded toe with the decreases, and knitting the sides of the foot. Then you will pick up stitches along the sides with whatever amount they tell you and continue knitting to form the bottom of the foot. It will be seamed starting at the toe and all along the foot, then seamed at the back of the bootie in one continuous seam. Hope this makes sense to you. After picking up the stitches on the sides, the needle gets crowded and hard to maneuver. It works better if you use a circular needle at this point. If you happen to have one. Don’t rush out and buy one if you don’t have a complete needle set. The circular is a nice option.