Baby Bootie knitting pattern help

Well, I decided to try something other than a scarf, and found what looked like a really simple bootie pattern. I have done ok so far, but then I got to this bit:
Divide for top of foot:(At this point I have 27 stitches )
K19, turn, K11. I did that ok
Work 18 rows garter stitch on these 11 sts, leaving remaining stitches on needles. Managed that fine
Cut yarn leaving a 15cm tail to sew seams together later. And also did this ok! lol
This following bit is what I need help with: :?? With right side facing, join yarn at the end of the row on the right hand needle and knit up 10 sts alongthe side of the work just completed, knit 11 sts at the toe, knit up 10 sts along the other side of the footand remaining 8 sts from the other needle (47 sts).Knit 9 rows.

I am completely stumped. Where do I join the yarn back on? How did I add another 20 stitches. At the moment I have 2 lots of 8 and 1 of 11. I have to end up with 47 stitches in total, and I just don’t know how? Any suggestions would be definitley most welcome. Thank you.

The last section that you knit, the top of the foot stands out from the rest of the knitting. You’re supposed to leave the stitches on your right needle, pick up stitches up along the right side of this rectangle of knitting, across the top where the 11 stitches are and down the left side, and then knit the rest of the stitches on your left needle that were left from before.

You’ll have 20 extra stitches because you’ll create them when you pick up the stitches.

the idea of picking up stitches seemed like something i would never figure out when i first heard it…then i watched the video here (about 3/4 the way down the screen) and i found it is much easier than i expected… :thumbsup:

Wow I have 47 stitches! :thumbsup: Thank you to you both! The video clip was priceless in helping me. Could not have done it without either of you and the video! So thanks! My confidence is restored, and I know I can know finish the bootie. Am looking forward to starting the next one!
Better get back to it! :XX: :smiley: