Baby bootees - help with instep

Hello all

I’m knitting these baby bootees up for a friend who is due to pop any day now! I’ve made socks before, but ages ago and have completely forgotten how to do the instep/heel section. The pattern I’m using is here:

I’ve gotten up to this part and am stuck with this:

K24, turn, slip one stitch P-wise P11, turn. Work a further 10 rows st st on these 12 stitches slipping the 1st stitch either K-wise or P-wise to get a chain edge.

Loosely lay the working thread along the right side of the instep. Wrap it around the 12th st of this round. Pick up 12 sts along the side of the instep (2 for each chain on the edge) and while you are doing this, on alternate sts, duck the needle under the thread that was laid along the side of the instep. This will ‘weave it in’ so it is tidy and cannot hook tiny toes. K along the 12 sts at the top of the instep. Pick up 12 sts down the left side of the instep and K12 to the end of the rnd. You now have 60 sts.

I’ve just finished working the ‘further 10 rows’ and so have just finished doing a purl row. Firstly, I think I may be on the wrong side of the heel (am I?), and secondly I don’t understand what it means when it says to wrap the working thread around the 12th stitch of the round, does this mean I wrap it around the stitch I’ve just worked (which is the 12th and last stitch I’ve just worked)?

Any help and advice appreciated! Thanks

I believe they’re doing it this way to keep you from having to break the yarn to pick up stitches. You’re bringing the yarn down to the bottom of the right side of the instep (top of the foot). I believe the stitch you’re supposed to ‘wrap it around’ is the first stitch where you’ll be picking up stitches.

You could break the yarn and just pick up the stitches up the right side, knit across the top live stitches and pick up down the left side.

The way they are doing it is to bring the yarn down to where you need to start picking up stitches and pick up stitches around this strand to prevent loops.

Clear enough?