Baby Bootee Size

Well, I’m feeling a little silly asking this, but…I’m having trouble remembering just how tiny baby feets are. I’m making bootees and they look big to me. With no model to try them on, I’m questioning the sizing. What’s the typical length of a newborn’s foot? Anyone???

Having no children my experience is second hand but this chart may help;

This is a good size chart. Baby’s feet vary, but you should get a rough idea.

I’ve found several sizing charts from searching on the net…Here are some…
Just scoll down to the bottom of the site

out of my 3 kids, the smallest foot at birth was 3 3/4 inches long. You might want to make the booties a little big, at the newborn age, the wont fit much longer than a week.

When knitting for others I aim for the 3-6 month size range that way of baby is big then the items will still get worn. and if baby is on the smaller end the item just get worn longer.

I just bumped my sock size thread because it has links for this.

Well, according to those charts, these are going to be okay. The ‘soles’ measure 3 inches. They still look big to me, but surely they’ll be fine. If not for newborn, then sometime afterwards.

Thanks to all for the input and the charts (great for future reference too!):slight_smile:

ETA: These are for a baby that’s not due until December, I think I’ll carry them around with me and accost some mother with a newborn to check out the sizing!