Baby Bonnet


Can someone please tell me how to attach a ribbon to a knitted baby’s bonnet. I am talking about the rosette that lies flat at each corner of the bonnet and it sort of looks like what they call a “rosette”. There is one rosette on one side and the ribbon seems to go over to the other side (remaining uncut) and there is a rosette on the other side. Also, about how much ribbon would I need? I would appreciate any help and send thanks in advance.

Are you using pre-made rosettes? Or do you actually need to make them, too?
Here’s one website w/instructions

You can probably google to find more.

I found one hat w/instructions said to make the ties 6" long. That seems kind of short to me, though. Double it if you want the ribbon uncut, I’d add a few inches - maybe 15" for the ribbon tie part, plus however much you need for the 2 rosettes.

Use regular sewing thread to sew it to the hat.

Dear Mirl:

Thanks so much. I will try that. Yes, I need to actually make them and they are not pre made.