Baby Bonnet

I finished my first baby bonnet (it will certainly not be the last!) - I love the color but not mad about the yarn which is a 60% cotton 40% acrylic DK weight. It was fine to work with (if a little “sticky”) but is not as soft as I would like next to a baby’s soft cheek. Hopefully it will soften with washing. It was a bunch of fun to knit and I am looking forward to trying others very, very soon.IMG_1185 (1)


I love the colour too.
It’s often difficult to get things in a bolder or deeper colour.

That’s darling! It’s such a sweet style of baby bonnet and one that won’t come off easily either.

Washing may well soften it up but there are plenty of soft cottons or cotton blends to choose from. I sometimes use the yarn recommendations from Knots of Love to be sure of soft texture.

You’re so right - most of the yarn on offer for knitting baby projects are in the pastel palette, which can be nice but I tend to prefer more color saturation.

I will check Knots of Love out; thank you for the suggestion!