Baby 'boggan!


I decided to make my new niece a beanie, because the ones they give you at the hospital are so wide they look like yamikas.

I wanted something pretty
so I found a mock cable pattern

its so pretty-riffic

Sheโ€™s adorable in that cute hat!! Nice job!! :thumbsup:

What a sweet hat for that precious little baby! Sheโ€™s lucky to have an auntie like you! I see lots more darling handknits in her future. Beautiful!!

Sheโ€™s beautiful, and so is your hat! What a lucky little baby.


How beautiful!!! So much prettier than the hospital ones!

Beautiful baby witha beautiful hat ! :slight_smile:

aww what a cutie! Love the hat :happydance:

Aww! The hat looks wonderful and the baby makes it even more great. Nice job!

Oh my, what a darling hat and adorable baby! Love the yarn you used! Love the pattern stitch!