Baby Bobbi Bear Finally Finished!

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: After many headaches and LOTS of learning, I finally finished the Baby Bobbi Bear. With this project, I learned how to pick up and knit stitches, how to stuff, how to seam, duplicate stitch, and a great way to keep track of where I am in my pattern. The pattern had the difficulty listed as “Beginner with some experience” but I think I needed a bit more experience. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to attach a small label with the washing instructions and my name?

That’s fabulous! You really did a great job. :smiley:

That is so sweet! It wants a hug!!!

That’s what I keep telling my coworkers when I show him off.

He’s made of Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton which is sooo soft (although it tends to get fuzzy) and is a bit under stuffed.

Adorable - I just LOVE this pattern!

That is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! And squishable!

He’s adorable! I’m not sure about the tag. :thinking:

:smiley: He’s soooo cute!!!

He’s cute!

There is a custom label tutorial here:

Click the “custom labels” link.

So sweet, you did a great job!

For washing instructions I always give whoever is receiving the knit gift the wrapper that came with the yarn. ( Did that make sense? lol) If I was to make a scarf and I was giving it to my mom, I would give my mom the yarn wrapper along with the scarf. As for tags, I know there are companies out there that make tags, but I don’t think they have washing istructions on them.

Here is a site where you can get sewing labels.

And the bear is too cute !!! :heart:

Thank you all for your advice on where to get labels or how to make them but what I was wondering is HOW to attach a label on a teddy bear that is already completed? There are no seams except for the ears.


I would just sew it on with needle and thread.

He’s so adorable!!!

Using a label like the one that grumperina uses, I think it would be kind of neat to sew the label to the back of the teddy’s neck, with something to the effect of “My name is Bobbi. I was made with love by luvmeowers. Please hand wash and air dry me. (or whichever washing method will work for him)” It seems to me that the loop created by the label would even provide a handy way to hang him up to dry, so he’d get plenty of air flow around him.

oOOH man hes so super super cute! I want to reach into my screen, grab him and give him a HUGE hug! GORGEOUS!

Adorable!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Perfect! Thank you, melinphx! And thanks, Amber, for the grumperina link. I’m going to make some labels tonight. :smiley: