Baby boat neck sweater

i am trying for the FirstTime to make a sweater and here is the pattern

back and front
(both alike)
with size 7 needle cast on 57.
k2 rows
change to size 8 needle,
beg with a k row, work in st st until work measures 11 in ending with a p row
k 2 rows
bind off all sts knitwise

with size 7 needles cast on 36 sts
K 2 rows
Change to size 8 needles,
Beg with k row work 2 rows in st st
Inc row (right side )Inc one st k to last st inc one st.
Beg with a p row, work 5 rows in st st .
Cont in st st and inc as before on next and every foll 6th row until there are 52 st
Cont straight until sleeve measures 8 in from cast on edge and ending with a p row
Bind off.
the problem where i am at is how many rows does 11in come to.

it depends on your yarn and gauge.


but it say to work in ST ST until work measures 11 in ending with a p row

the gauge is 18sts and 24 rows to 4in squares over st st uesing size 8 needles

You just measure with a ruler or a tape until it’s 11" from the beginning. Your row gauge may be a little different in the garter st on the size 7s, so you go by the measurement the pattern gives you. Lay it down flat, don’t stretch it, and measure under the needles.

thank you

I don’t think it matters how many rows it is…just so you have 11 inches and are ready to start a purl row.


You don’t need to know how many rows it will be, just go by your ruler, and are probably better off not to think about number of rows at all. Very often a knitter doesn’t have the exact row gauge the pattern gave, but that doesn’t matter as long as you make the sweater the length they give.

So work until your ruler tells you that you have knit 11" from the cast on edge. You can include the needle or measure under the needle it doesn’t matter that much either way (just be consistent and measure the same way all the time, write down how you measured so you can measure the other side the same way and the sleeves). They want you to work a purl row last. Don’t worry if you are a smidgen off in your measurements to end the way they say. It won’t matter.

If your row gauge is nice and consistent you can work the second side you make by making it the exact same number of rows as you did in the first one, but counting rows can be a bugger sometimes. You can just measure it as well. If when you seam you have a different number of rows front and back you can fudge a bit to make it work as you sew up.

but it says to work in st st until work measures in 11 in ending with a p row and do i have to make 2 one for the front and one for the back

So that is not a problem. Here are your directions.

ith size 7 needle cast on 57.
k2 rows
change to size 8 needle,
beg with a k row, work in st st until work measures 11 in ending with a p row
k 2 rows
bind off all sts knitwise.

So cast on 57 work 2 rows of knit on the small needles then change to the bigger needle. Knit that next row and there after it will be St st (so purl the next row, then repeat a knit row…St st is knit a row, purl a row all the time and the vee side being the outside not the bumpy side). That 3rd knit row you did will be the right side row. You did a little garter at first but now you change to St st.

So here are your rows from the beginning
Row 1 knit.
Row 2 knit.
Row 3 knit.
Row 4 purl.
Row 5 knit.
Row 6 purl.
Row 7 knit.
Row 8 purl.
Row 9 knit

You should be able to see the right side well now, it is the smoother side, whenever it is facing up at the beginning of a row you knit whenever it has the bumpy side facing up, purl. Keep working that way for 11". Make the last row of that 11" (or close to it)be a purl row.

After you get 11" knit 2 more rows (no more purl), then bind off knit wise. Cut your yarn and you are through with one part.

Cast on 57 again and make another one just like it.