Baby blanket

I want to make a baby blanket using 2 skeins of Red Heart super bulky Baby clouds yarn and size 10.5 circular needles. There is 140 yards in each skein. Do you think 2 skeins will be enough? That’s all they had left of this kind of yarn (wal-mart clearance). Any advice on how many stitches I should cast on? TIA!

OPPS…I just relooked at the skein and it calls for size 15 needles - so I will use those instead.

I just did a quick ravelry search…seems most people are using around 4 skeins to make a 36x36 baby blanket, but there are definitely a few who used only 2, specifically for making the “angel baby” ( pattern. One said she wished she had used size 17 needles so that the pattern might have been more visible…I didn’t see any finished sizes on those with just two skeins however…
Best of luck!

Maybe try a blanket that starts in the center and work outward, then you can knit until you run out of yarn. Figure how much yarn it takes to go around the whole way, then you’ll be able to save enugh to bind off. Or better yet, knit until you run out then use a contrasting color, even if it’s a different yarn company, to bind off.

Here’s a pinwheel blanket:

Or how about one like the grandma’s favorite dishcloth pattern - you start in one corner, increasing on each side until you run out of your first ball of yarn, then start the decreases. Here’s one (leave off the hood):

mirl56 - thanks, that’s a great idea!

I’m working on one now and am almost through my 2nd skein. I will probably use 3-1/2 to 4 skeins.

Wanda, what size needle are you using and how many stitches did you cast on? I decided to use a size 17 needle and I cast on 48 stitches. I’m doing a border around the blanket and the middle will be stockinette stitch.