Baby blanket

Saw this pattern here:

But I’m confused about the pattern. It says:

sl1 wyif, slip 1 as if to knit, knit 3 tog, pass slipped stich over, (yo, k1) 5 times, yo, (So far I get what’s going on but now this part I don’t get) SSSK, then slip next stitch over stitch just made by temporarily moving stitches from needle to needle

So does SSSK mean slip 3 times and knit those three slips ogether? So how do you slip next stich over? And what stitch I just made temporarily? :??

what a wierd thing!!! sorry i don’t have an answer!

OK the sssk is slipping the three st and knitting them together like an ssk.

Then they want you, I think, to move your newly made sssk st over to the left needle temporarily and then passing the next st over it so the st would be coming over the end of the left needle. Does this make sense in the general look of the blanket?

oooOOOOOoooo this makes sense. But sounds kinds dumb. Whatever. I’ll give it a try. :XX: Thanks! :thumbsup:

I am new here and just started knitting a couple of months ago. I love this site!

I too am attempting this blanket.

After you transfer the knitted SSSK over to the left needle and slide the NEXT stitch over and off, then do I transfer (slip) the knitted SSSK back to the right needle or use it as the next stitch (which is purl I think). Does that make any sense? Thanks!

Check the pattern, but I think you slip it back to the right since the directions say ‘temporarily’ and that you put it on the left needle just to put that stitch over. I don’t think you work it again.

Thanks so much. That is what I did but I just was second guessing myself. I appreciate the help! :smiley: