Baby Blanket

Here is the fruit of 5 months hard work :x:

Love the blanket. Bless you for using a “normal” color. Is it a gift?

Very nice! Love the eyelet-iness!

oooooh aaaahhhhh :cheering:

Oh my goodness that’s gorgeous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and the pattern in it!! :slight_smile:

Super nice!!! :cheering:

:muah: Thanks Knitties!
It’s a gift for my sister’s son’s baby, who is now 5 mos old. I started it when he was born instead of thinking ahead and starting it when she got pregnant!

I had never done lace before - this is probably the easiest lace pattern out there. Nevertheless it was HARD for me! It took me ages to learn the pattern and I kept messing up and frogging. But I feel really good that its finished! :cheering:

Kudos for hanging in there!

I love it … it is beautiful …

Love, love…it’s beautiful :cheering: :cheering:


It’s absolutely beautiful. Aren’t you glad you hung in there and finished it?


That’s a gorgeous blanket! I love that color :thumbsup:

:teehee: yes glad I hung in there, kinda like finishing a marathon! HA! At least at my current skill level…

:heart: Laura

How gorgeous! You should be proud. :heart: :heart: :heart:

That’s just splendid work! :clap:

That is some excellent work - it’s so great that you stuck with it!

Marce your blog is great, and I surfed over to Cindy’s too, great!!! You guys look so cute having fun. I love it that KH is such a great place to make friends! :muah: