Baby blanket

Hi I’m knitting a baby blanket in double knit wool, I think I have not made it wide enough, it’s 20 inches wide. Any ideas, is it too small?

Hi, I’m Wolfie. A baby blanket is normally 30X40. However, there are many
variations on this theme. If you buy a knitted baby blanket from a store,
you will find that they start at 30" X 40". Now, remember that a double bed
is 39" wide. If you want to have it as a little traveling car transfer blanket,
think of something smaller. If you want to use it for the child who is sleeping
in a small bed, you could go as much as 40" X 75". These are some
parameters that use can use as some sort of reference point. I think in
term of these numbers when I make baby blankets. I should also mention
that the top edge should be considered as a 4" to 6" decorative addition
to your pattern ideas.
Well, that’s all for now.

My favorite size baby blanket is square and about 36x36. A 20" blanket won’t be large enough to swaddle and might be easily kicked off. It might be a good size for a car seat blanket though. If you don’t want to start over you could add a wide border by picking up stitches on the edge.

Come to think of it, I have done some square , 36" X 36" in the past.
And then an added upper decorative edge of 2 inches. I just have to
plan that top finished edge. That’s just me. I don’t know why.