Baby Blanket Qs

I want to knit a square with rounded corners, and monogram his initials and date of birth on opposite corners. The initials on the top left and bottom right and d.o.b. top right and bottom left. My DBF suggested that I should have the monograms be adjacent to the corners- on the diagonal facing out toward the viewer, so that no matter which way they have the blanket turned the monograms are upright. I hope you can all picture that- imagine the corners make a V, when the blanket is turned on its ends, and the monograms will be across the top of the V facing you. When the blanket is laying flat, the monograms are slanted.

MY Qs: Has anyone ever done anything like this? I am unsure that taking charted letters and numbers and just turning them on their sides will not work. I want the letters and numbers to all be even and look uniform from corner to corner. Should I knit it as a triangle to start then form a square? But I want rounded corners- can I do that?

Thanks in advance for any help!

The only way that comes to mind, is to pick up a knit on border around outside and do the letters etc on that.
do a centre out in round blanket, perhaps shaped round or modified octagonal? shape. it is knit in correct direction for placing letters more easily.

Guess I should start one step at a time.

How do I knit a square with rounded corners? I want to do 1/2" corner radius (See below)

I have heard of using short row shaping for rounded corners, but how would that work for all 4 corners? I would have to start at a corner and work from there.

this is dishcloth pattern like that,

I actually came across that yesterday, but now onto the next thing:

How can I knit the monograms using that pattern? I see that dishcloth pattern is worked in garter. I would have to work it up in St and do the monograms in garter so they “popped”. And I want them to be on a diagonal.

Also, I want to weave ribbon around the border without picking up sts, so I would need to YOs. I’m not really sure how to do that using this pattern.

Thanks for your help!

I found a how to for rounded edges in “Knitting Beyond the Edge” by Nicky Epstein. (Anyone who has this book- page 154). I need some clarification on how to do the wrap & turn.

sl1 - [COLOR=red]Is that knitwise or purlwise?[/COLOR]

bring yarn to front

sl same st back onto LH needle - [COLOR=red]Is that knitwise or purlwise?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Also, it says to k, then w&t, then p to end - [/COLOR][COLOR=red]Will this give me St or garter?[/COLOR]

I want this blanket to be in St, so I am hoping this technique will do just that.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!

Got the answers from Ingrid. I will now try this out and see if it works. I will be back with more qs I’m sure.


You would probably want to do the monograms in purl, or rev stockinette, on the RS; that would show up better than garter stitch.

For the w&t questions - You slip the stitch pwise both times, and if you knit a row w&t, then purl back, you’ll get St st.

Thanks, so much, suzeeq! I just have to test out the rounded edge to see if I can work the monograms and eyelets into the pattern. Wish me luck on this journey.

Okay, so I just tried out the rounded edge pattern, and it did not turn out right at all. It looks like an elongated triangle with a flat top. I followed the pattern exactly. It was as follows.

CO # of sts needed. I did 33 because my pattern calls for 198, and 33 is a multiple of that.
K across row
P across row
K 16, w&t, P to end
K 13, w&t, P to end
K 10, w&t, P to end
K 8, w&t, P to end
K 6, w&t, P to end
K 4, w&t, P to end
K 2, w&t, P to end
K across row, working st at every short row tog w/corresponding st on needle.

The end that I purled across after the w&t is obviously (not to me at the time, but now that it’s done) wider than the side that got left behind. I was not working those sts.

So now I am back at square one. I have no idea how to get ths rounded edge done now.

Does anyone have any ideas about this. I am soooooo stuck :wall:

Thanks in advance!