Baby Blanket Pattern

Hi there! I have several friends getting married, starting families, and I find myself looking for a knitted baby blanket pattern. Do any of you have a favorite pattern that you’d be willing to share?

I’m knitting for both boys and girls and was looking for something more on the side of heirloom – something that looks elegant, sophisticated, and wouldn’t be out of place at the child’s christening ceremony.

But any of your favorite patterns could work. I’m looking for inspiration. Help a girl out? Thanks!

Most of the heirloom looking ones have lace…you okay with that? If you go to Ravelry you’ll see hundreds of baby blankets in the pattern section. :thumbsup:

Here’s a couple…haven’t made them, but think they’re pretty.

It’s always a good time to try something new, and I’ve always loved the look of lace… :slight_smile:

I really like that first pattern you posted. I’ll skim through some sites and see if I can round up any other choices and post them here for others to see too. Hopefully I can find one that’s pretty and not too far beyond my skill level, haha.

This isn’t lacey but it’s light, pretty and fun to do. I enjoyed making it in 3 colors but you could certainly do it all in one color.

When my neighbor across the street was expecting twin girls, I knitted two baby blankets using the Feather and fan stitch pattern. I used a border of garter stitch on both sides and top and bottom. The pattern automatically scalloped the top and bottom bands by pulling upwards on the knitted parts of the pattern stitch. My neighbor loved the blankets and has been showing them off to her friends and family members who have been to their house to see the girls.