Baby blanket pattern ideas?

I have a friend that pretty much only likes neutral colors–no reds, blues, purples, etc. She’s expecting a baby, and I already know that I have to make a neutral-colored baby blanket or she probably won’t use it. :teehee: Now here’s my other question. She’s quite a sharp dresser; she and her husband are both European and have sophisticated tastes, so I didn’t want to knit the same kind of blanket that I might knit for somebody else (mainly, not something lacy or delicate) because I didn’t think she’d like it; plus, it appears that they will be having a boy.

Would a blanket with some cables and seed stitch be too “grown up” for the baby? Would this be something that might be suitable for their tastes, or is there something else that might be more of a good match?

I’m knitting a baby blanket right now that’s LOADED with cables, so no I don’t think cables are too “grown up” for a baby blanket. :slight_smile:

I agree, I think cables would be WONDERFUL!!! :heart:

Cables & seed stitch are both great ideas! I love the seed stitch, something both the baby & the parents will love.

This is the blanket I did for my new grandson that is due. I think yellow or green is a great color for babies and goes either way. It is a seed stitch border and a heart pattern in the center. I got the heart pattern out of The Knitter’s Bible

i say do the cables and seed stitch
how about debbie bliss tweed yarn?

you could do the big bad baby blanket which i love. it’s classic with a twist. in a varigated neutrals, it would be beautiful.

blog w/ lots of pics:
original pic: (hit forward 8 times)

Here’s a cabled baby blanket FO I saw posted recently that I really liked:

No cable, but here’s the pattern for a baby blanket that I am working on at the moment:

I think cables are a great idea~ OR
you could do like a patchwork square kinda blanket~

Like 1 square seed stitch, 1 square cables, 1 square k2p2 ribibng… BAsiclaly a yarn sampler that would create interest in the piece since it has to be a very neutral :ick: color ( Forgive me ~ but I am Big, Bright color loving girl) but I think it would make a lovely, intersting pattern and keep the eye busy (but not too busy) for a single colored blanket~

Just my opinion~ for what’s it’s worth~ :oops: :pout: :rofl:

You might want to check this out from the TV Show Knitty Gritty.This was designed by Lily Chin who demonstrated two patterns on the show. The patterns are here:,2025,DIY_14141_5337324,00.html

The show number is DKNG-601 Nine Patch Baby Blanket