Baby blanket opinion needed!

So I have about 945 yards of Caron Simply Soft in Off White to make a baby blanket. I want to make something that looks a little impressive, but I don’t want it to consume my soul. Oh, and it has to be done by March 4th. oops! I’m thinking about doing either this blanket or maybe adapting this stitch pattern into a blanket. What do you think?

and I’m almost to my 500th post!!! :happydance:

looks good to me,

Is that the look you are looking for in a blanket?

I think that could be an easy fix by Mar.4th

i think the blanket pattern is cute. it’s pretty easy without lookinglike it.

That first one is so pretty! Go for it!

They both look great. If you are asking for votes, I would probably lean towards the blue blanket in the first link.

If you are looking for more ideas, the moss diamond and lozenge pattern is also a fun pattern that looks harder than it is. I like it for baby blankets because it looks like stacks of blocks.

I used this pattern for a preemie blanket, using Caron Simply Soft sport weight and a size 6 needle. The worsted weight looks really nice with a size 8 needle, so it should go pretty fast.

If you want to see this pattern in a blanket there is a photo here on my blog.

I think whatever you choose will look great!

Mama Bear

Thanks for your opinions everyone! I think I’m going to gowith the first baby blanket pattern I linked to.

MamaBear - that stitch pattern is gorgeous! I’m definitely going to keep it in mind for the next baby blanket I have to make!