Baby blanket - Help!

Hi, I’ve been trying to find this all over the website and saw this site. Can someone help me with this? I’ve been knitting for a long time and have never done this one…Confused!!!

K4, WYF drop White; with Pink K1, (WYF slip1, WYB K1) across to last 4 sts.

I realized that the WYF slip 1 is because they want you to slip 1 purlwise but I don’t get WYB K1…does it just mean you just return to your regular knitting 1 stitch…if so why the yarn back??? Why don’t they say K1 if that’s what they mean? Help!


I read it as k1, too. I thinking maybe they are clarifying that the yarn needs to go back before knitting the stitch. New knitters especially might just knit the stitch and end up with YO and not know why.

I agree with Jan: it would be useless for a knitter to say that. But what else could it be?