Baby blanket help

I bought some Lion Brand Yarn Velvet Spun Machine washable Chenille in pastels for a baby blanket for my next baby due in June a girl. I’ve got yellow, green and purple thus far. I intend to buy the other “girl/neutral” colors, so white and pink. This yarn is clearly pretty bulky. I’m really wanting to do a patchwork style blanket. Which is what my son has in the same stuff only in Blue, white, green and yellow. His blanket is squares that were mattress stitched together with a green yarn. This ended up my son’s favorite blanket. BUT looks like hell and is now falling apart so eventually I’ll have to remake his or add on to it as well. So here’s the issue. Does anyone have a pattern to recomend for squares or a baby blanket that will look patchworky but maybe knit up “cleaner”?

Upon further digging on some websites, I’ve found a pattern I like but it is so far beyond me I’ll never get it done before my due date.

Not to mention the yarn I already have is way to chunky for this pattern.

There’s a blanket pattern on the Better homes and garden website called KNITTED BABY RAINBOW QUILT. do a search on the site and it should pop up.

here’s the website for the baby blanket quilt

once you get the hang of it, knits up really quick

good luck!

this is the one I’m currently working on for my boyfriends brother and sister-in-law…its really easy to make…considering its my very first project and its super cute

It looks like that Velvetspun is Icon #5 yarn. If you take a look on the Lion Brand website, you should be able to find a pattern that uses Icon #5 yarn. It doesn’t necessarily have to use the Velvet yarn, just a yarn in the same weight as the one you have.

HTH, knitcindy

I am a newbie too and am knitting this blanket for my first baby to be born in August - I love it! I am using a varigated (? the kind of yarn that is multi color in one skein) yarn of white, yellow, and green since we don’t want to know the sex until the baby is born. It’s an easy and quick knit/purl…even for a newbie like me. Good luck! :knitting:

yea they aren’t finding out the sex either so I’m using yellow and since the theme of the bedding and all that is bumble bee I’m going to try and put a black border on it and I bought a cute little bee applique that I’m going to have a friend help me sew on…so if all goes as planned should be cute…

Cool pattern I’ll for sure book mark it but I’m looking for something I can work without having to buy new needles and I don’t have a set of circulars that are 29 inches long.

I’m not using circulars I’m just using long size 8 needles…i bought circulars but since they were fresh out of the package were too difficult to work with so i switched to straight

When the circs are too curly, dip the cords in hot water for a couple minutes, then hold them out straight as they cool. You may have to do this a couple times, but it should straighten them out enough to work with, then the weight of your knitting will help too.

I just started one of those “Sunny Baby Blankets” and it’s coming out great! Thanks for that pattern!


You’re very welcome I absolutely adore this blanket I have about 60 rows left and my speed has picked up because I can’t wait to finish it. I wish I knew more people having babies

Im looking for something thats more squares since I have different colors of yarn that Ive already bought, Id really like something that I didnt have to matress stitch up. Like squares that can be knitted together somehow. If that helps.

Sweetie, You can take skeins of yarn back w/receipt and get what you really need for your blanket. I use quite a bit of LB yarns but the chenille stuff is in my opinion worthless. That’s why your son’s blanket has fallen apart. I did a blanket 40 yrs. ago for the birth of a daughter; she brought her daughter home in it and now it is still in good shape except it was lovingly stained with Play Dough at some point. It’s been used and I like that. The things you knit take much love and time in every stitch and should last a long time. Nobody seems to talk much about bad yarns but, I’m not afraid of the yarn police. What are they going to do? Raise my taxes?!? A grateful government will no doubt beat them to it! If you like patchwork type color patterns you can find many on any of the sites mentioned , including LB. Check out LB’s pattern TicTacToe (Easy rating) 90349AD. It’s done in 1 color but you could change colors for each sq. if you like. They have a new bulky baby yarn for that pattern. I suppose you could try if you like the quick knit sz. yarn. Happy knitting. Jean

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I’ve heard that one of the keys to a good joke/laugh is sometimes the perfect timing…and you sure nailed it!!:thumbsup:

I’m not sure micheals will take back yarn thats been rerolled. I wish someone would have spoken about bad yarn before this lol. My son really loves his blanket maybe its because I knitted it for him or maybe its the yarn I’ll never know I guess. Maybe I’ll keep the cheinlla for a hat or something, stop buying it and maybe look for a nice aray of cottons I don’t know what do you guys recomend for a baby blanket thats “natrual fibers” but not wool. I’m beating that since I’m allergic to wool one or both of my kids will be too. All I can say is I kept thinking that maybe it was my technic or lack there of the caused my son’s blanket to fall apart. I guess I was wrong…

I for sure think that the forum needs to have the bad yarn talk to save all of us that have and continue to buy crappy yarn in the hopes it won’t fall apart this time.

Remember, my opinion is just that - MINE! You will probably hear from others who like chenille yarn for their particular projects. They might be interested in buying your yarn. It’s still sold in stores so somebody must like it. Many tastes and varied projects are the reasons there are so many kinds of yarn available. And that’s good. I think you’ll find that you’ll learn to choose yarn according to it’s planned use. Something that’s going to take a beating like a baby blankie had better be tough. Might as well give it to a puppy. It’ll get the same treatment. Yes, that wool thing is a problem with some of my giftees. For natural fibers you’ll probably have to go with cotton. There are cotton/acrylic blends that might be softer. Maybe others know more about “natural” yarns and will contact you. I’m going to check LB’s yarn description for chenille. At the bottom of the pg. they always suggest patterns for their yarn. I’m curious to know what they think. Also would be nice to hear from someone who likes chenille for their projects. Maybe there are techniques for handling the yarn that lead to success? Jean

I never thought of compairing a baby blanket to a puppy banket. LMAO makes sense though!
As for the chenille maybe there is some technic that Im not aware of. The yarn has been rerolled into balls thats all I know how to do. So maybe Ill keep the yarn see if I can do something with it. I may have to go to cotton. Ive found the cotton dish cloths Ive knitted very durible. Maybe I should look into that. My son seems to loves his blanket made out of chenille so Im very drawn as to what to do. Make another chenille blanket that will over about 18 months of washing and drying loose all of or most of its fluff or make a cotton blanket that will be druable but not half as soft. I just dont know.

Good grief, I think you are agonizing too much over this blankie. You know that swelling isn’t going to go down. That baby is coming in June and you need to relax and focus on that. Your daughter & son will need a healthy, calm mama more than another blankie. IT’S ONLY YARN!! That’s one of my mantras. The other 2, if you care, are, “I know nothing” and “I didn’t do it”!!! If you want to use the yarn you have go ahead and do it. You can always do another later. If you’re not totally hooked on squares of color send me a private email (don’t give me your email I.D. here) that this site provides. We can talk about a pattern I have out of a beginner book that I’ve done for all my grandbabies. Beautiful for newborn girls - boys too, let’s face it they’re not very sexy at that age. Just one color (or variegated yarn) is fine and doable if you want to finish in time. If you can do K, P, p2tog., and yo this is a wonderful, easy project with a beautiful result. Have had no complaints. Can’t put patterns on this site. Even though my early book from Leisure Arts probably came over on the Mayflower. Jean