Baby blanket help


I am so indecisive on this. I am knitting with two strands of plymouth encore a simple basketweave baby blanket. I am debating between a size 11 or size 13 needle. Anyone have an opinion?

Thank you,

I think the 11s might be too stiff, but you never know until you try them both and see which you like better.

Yeah, in a case like that swatching is best. You might prefer a denser fabric that someone else. What one person considers drapey, you might think is limp. Best to swatch and know what you like best. Personally, I would probably go with the 13s, but that’s me.

I agree - swatch it. Everyone’s tension is a little different. I would play with it to see which look I like best. I do that with most new projects.

Thank you for your tips. I have swatched them this morning and just need to make up my mind!!