Baby blanket help

Hi all,

I have sucessfully made a 2 scarves and some “potholders” as a beginner, and want to move on. So I have been looking at baby blanket patterns, but don’t understand them at all. how does 3 cast on’s become a blanket? I am totally missing something here:
Cast on 3 st.

Increase Row: K1, YO, knit to end

Repeat increase row until afghan is desired length (does this mean size?)

Decrease Row: K1, YO, K2 tog, knit to the last 3 sts, K2 tog, K1.

Repeat decrease row until row is 3 sts.

Bind off loosely.

Does this make a blanket, or just a row of a blanket and then you sew them together? I am so confused - I can’t follow this in my head and it doesn’t have any helpful pictures! Thanks! :XX:

This is a great pattern to use for a baby blanket in my opinion. The YO is an increase, meaning that you add a stitch to your needle each time you do. Just keep an eye on how many stitches you have an watch it increase each row. Its cool =)
You stop when you get to “desired length”. Picture a square you start at the corner and work your way out. THe part when you add in the knit two together starts your decreases and will start to round the corner of the square and you reduce the stiches on the needle by one each row.

I’ve made a blanket using a similar pattern - and it is neat to make! It does work - trust me! When the blanket is done the rows are on a diagonal - so you are working the blanket from corner to corner instead of bottom to top.

tremendous! thank you for your help! I was so :?? and not sure how to make this work. I see now, it is started at a corner. Thanks!!! :thumbsup: