Baby Blanket edge/finish

Hi, I’m just making a baby blanket using 8ply. It will be fairly plain as I’m a beginner so was just going to knit every row. But I’m wondering if there is an EASY way to have a neat edging/finish all the way around? I can do perl but nothing to much as it’s time consuming and I need to knit this fast. Did I read somewhere you finish the last stitch with perl? Or you ‘slip’ the first and last stitches? Does slip just mean you dont knit them, you just put it across to the other needle? And that’s just the sides but what about the caston and off edges?

Also is there a way to be a little creative in the knitting pattern/style of the blanket without it being to complicated for me? Very beginner with not a huge amount of patience so needs to be easy.

Many thanks,

Slip the first stitch of every row, front and back. Knit the last stitch as normal. This will create a nice slipped stitch edge to both sides of your blanket.

For a little added interested without any added difficulty, you can slip every 5th, 10th, or whatever stitch on right side, and knit all on the back. Depending on how many stitches you have cast on, figure a good even number to space your slipped stitches evenly across.

When slipping that first stitch, slip as if to purl. That means move the yarn to the front between the needles, slip the stitch w/o knitting from the left needle to the right then move the yarn back to knitting position and knit all the way to the end. After you turn slip again and knit across.

Thanks I did try slipping but I must of been doing something wrong. Now reading Jan’s post I can see how I am meant to do it as I was purling it so will have another go.

Thanks silver for the slip tip for added interest. I will have a practice. I got a bit frustrated at my try of slipping because it just wasn’t working but will think purl as I’m doing it and see how I get on.