Baby blanket dilemma - please help!

i’m exactly halfway done (according to pattern) with that baby blanket that’s due in 2 weeks. HURRAY!

Here’s the problem. Right now it is about 28" wide by 20-1/2" long. I really would’ve liked for it to be more than 28", but I am not willing to pick up stitches or add an additional border, so that will have to do. (If I got gauge, it would’ve been only 30 really anyway. He’s still very newborn, so it should be usable for a little while.) The pattern calls for repeating what you see there and then do a white once more and binding off, which would leave me with dimensions of about 28" x 44" and I think that looks icky, funky proportions… I’m at a loss for what to do.

Here’s where it is now:

What I’ve come up with so far is either:

  1. Do White, Yellow, Purple (first 3 colors), and then end with White, which would leave me with dimensions of about 28 x 35, which I think is acceptable.

  2. Instead of repeating the pattern, reverse it right there, so do peach, white, purple, yellow, white and bind off, which would be like 28 x 38, which I think is also all right, I guess, but I’m not sure how I feel about the reversing… but then I’m also not sure how I feel about only repeating half of the stripe pattern. MEH!

Any suggestions would be so appreciated!!! Thanks!

sweetie, you’re so good just for doing the blanket in the first place! :smiley: Either option looks fine to me & when it comes down to decisions like this, I say go for what’s easier for you. And the shorter proportions are fine; the blanket will be more square than rectangular, which I prefer anyway.

I second cozy – whatever you decide will be perfect! I actually prefer the smaller size blankets – it will just cover the baby without a lot of extra fabric around, will fit easier in a car seat and be easier to work with to use as a cover-up for nursing. Plus, it will be easier for him to carry around if it becomes the little one’s “lovey”!

I think a 28 x 35 baby blanket would be perfect. Too big and it really gets in the way. You can wrap a baby in a smaller one, and it will be useable for a long time. Blankets are just draped over babies–as long as they’re covered, it’s good, and it will be a long while before it’s too small.

It’s beautiful, btw!


That’s a lovely blanket so far… I say go for the smaller option. Baby’s are pretty small!

Don’t forget to post FO pics, can’t wait to see it!

I love the blanket is that pattern from that show Knit one Purl two?

Hey Sean,

First, WOW Great job the colors are so sweet.

I like option one. I know what you mean about not finishing half of a stripe pattern. In this instance if it were my project I think I would do that though. I think it will flow and look natural if you repeat, I just dont think the reverse on this style would flow as well. But thats just me.

As the mother of many babies and reciever of an untold number of crocheted baby blankets my favorites have been the smaller ones. Some of the most beautiful big blankets are practically useless. They never leave the house. And hardly get used. My very favorite has been the one that measures 28x36!~ So this sounds perfect to me!

What a lucky baby.

thank you all so much!

i think i’m going to go with option 1, seems to be everyone’s pick and the size will be the best doing it that way. mom and my knitting maven suggested just doing whatever until it was the right size and i know i could get away with it, but i’m too type A for that. :wink: i wonder if just the one stripe of blue and peach is going to look a little funky, though. with this change, i’m way past halfway (WOOHOO!) so i might have time to change it if i hate it. i think it will work out though!

blueeyes28, this is Edith’s Blanket from Knit One, Purl Two, yeah. I hadn’t intended on using the same yarn it called for and bought gobs of the white fashion DK on clearance before even seeing edith’s show (actually before I even knew how to knit, with a crochet blanket and a different baby in mind, interesting…) but then that chatterbox i believe was discontinued and I kept finding it on clearance so grabbed 8 balls of it in those colors. :slight_smile: a friend of mine made it out of that Rainbow Boucle that Joann makes, like $8 a skein for like a million ounces… came out GORGEOUS GORGEOUS. I’m totally posting this without her permission, hope she doesn’t mind. :wink:

credit goes to Jenn W in Texas. :slight_smile:

I love it!! :heart: I am going to attempt a blanket like that only I am doing one solid color though now I wish I had chosen at least 2 color but I already ordered my yarn!!!

Your “blankie” is simply bee YOO ti full!!!

GOOD JOB :thumbsup:

I’m sure it will be well loved.


Don’t forget that the blanket will stretch around the baby and be bigger when stretched. I think it’s beautiful! :heart: It will be a perfect stroller /carseat blankie when he gets too big to be wrapped in it. Big ones drag in the dirt in the stroller and hang on the floor in the car. It will be perfect! Love the colours. samm