Baby Blanket Blocks w/Animals?

I have this idea in my head for a baby blanket, but don’t know where I could find a pattern. A friend of mind is having a baby at the end of July and I was wanting to make a block baby blanket with different animals in each block. Where can I find such a pattern, or at least a template of some kind to make my own?

In the holiday issue of Knit Simple, there is a pattern for a blanket with sheep squares. It’s very cute, or you can design your own with different animals. Also, on the Berroco (?sp), there’s a blanket with teddy bear blocks (st st and rev st st so you don’t have to change colors)


These dishcloths would be good as blanket blocks.
Cute One shown here. You’d need to find the book its from.

Thanks, Jints! I hadn’t even considered looking for dishcloth patterns! This is exactly what I wanted.:muah:

Thanks, Carolyn- I’m going to go check out those sites right now!