Baby Berry Hat, Perfect Bib, and Angel of Welcome Burp Cloth

I’ve decided that I love to make baby stuff.
Here are the hat (Berry Hat - mine looks like a tomato or apple), baby bib, and burp cloth (an elongated Angel of Welcome dishcloth):

Also, I just finished this kerchief bib:

So adorable!!!:inlove:

Love the multicolored yarn on the bib. Looks great! Do you have a pattern for the hat? I saw something similiar the other day on a customer in my shop actually. I’d love to make one like that.

They’re all adorable, thanks for sharing!

So cute! What great gifts!

Everything looks adorable. Love your models.

I would love a copy of the burp cloth pattern.


shadowmichael, this (hat) is the best little pattern!
I have lilac (and green) yarn to make another one.
Here is the free pattern:
I used Lily Sugar n’ Cream ombre for both bibs.

There is a link to the Angel of Welcome dishcloth pattern at Knitting Pattern Central:
I added about 40 rows of stockinette stitch to either side of the angel to make it into a burp cloth.

:happydance: Everything looks great!!

I love your tomato hat! :slight_smile: I never thought of making an elongated dishcloth pattern into a burp cloth- what a great idea! Lovely bibs, too. :slight_smile:

Cute items and I love how they were modeled! Great job!

:cheering: :thumbsup:

Great job, I love everything.

The bib with the ribbing, did you make that pattern up or is there a “real” pattern"?

Baby stuff [I]is[/I] fun! Everything looks wonderful! :yay:

The pattern for the bib with the ribbing up top is here:
I think I’ll go down a needle size for the ribbing the next time I make it.
I like the pattern a lot. I might add a motif (like hearts or something) in the center, too.

Thanks for the links to all these great patterns. I can’t wait to try them! Yours all turned out beautifully. I’m intrigued by the idea of elongating dishcloth patterns to make burp cloths. There are so many nice designs to try, and it’s such a thoughtful and useful gift. Noticed this woman’s patterns with lots of cute hearts–

Thank you!

Pam, thank you for the link to the dishcloth patterns. I think a couple of those would look cute on a bib or burp cloth.

Cute! I love the cat looking out the window. He doesn’t know there is anything going on on his side of it!