Baby bear hat

Hi this is my first time crocheting a hat I’ve finally finished but the hat band seems really tight compared with the rest of the hat any tips for a strechier band please? It just doesn’t feel as if it would fit over a babies head it’s that tight. Thank you Tx

i wonder if using a larger hook would help? Maybe @GrumpyGramma or @OffJumpsJack could help out with some experienced crochet advice?

I’d use a pattern that starts at the bottom and use slip stitch rib.

I have a horrendous headache this morning or I’d look for a pattern starting at the bottom for you. Happy hooking!

It’s possible to work join as you go rib also. I’m not sure how to do it. I might be able to find instructions later.

Hope your headache is better soon. I’m trying to do this rib stitch and it seems to be working - I’ve just turned on side and I’m working around the edge and going to see how that turns out. Thanks for the link.

I’m using the largest hook as I’m using quite thin wool - the babies due in April so thought they wouldn’t want anything to think. The hat size seems ok but the band was really tight.

Thanks you both for your time Tx

I was ecstatic when I discovered crochet slip stitch rib! It really is a functional rib which was always a problem for me with crochet. I’m glad you’re happy with it.

I am feeling better, thanks. Maybe it won’t be full on migraine headache this time.