Baby Barefoot Sandals

Just wondering out of curiosity if there is a pattern for a pair of knit baby barefoot sandals? :??

There’re a couple of pages of baby sandals on Ravelry (free to join). All sorts of styles.

Ahh thanks, but I found this pattern through ravelry already…

I just think there so cute but im not at all good at converting crochet to knitting,

You can filter Rav patterns to only knitting. That’s what I do. I don’t see anything quite like that though.

No its a toughy isnt it?? They are beautiful in crochet but would love to find this in knit, thanks

I came across this site by a Google search, and was intrigued to read that no-one else could find a knitting pattern for barefoot sandals. I have a little granddaughter and I thought that they would look sweet, so decided to design a pattern.
Apparently I can’t post a link yet as I have only just joined this site - so will come back after I have completed the required number of posts and will then give you all the link.

Here’s the pattern for the barefoot sandals for babies and toddlers:
Happy knitting!

Cute! Though since it’s a paid pattern, you ought to post it in the Buy/Sell/Swap forum in this thread. I thought you meant you had a free pattern available.