Baby and Toddler knit made easy book tunic dress

Hey! I’m making this tunic dress in a book. It is knitted in around and on circular needles. In the pattern, it says to knit until there are 53 sts on the RH needle but I’m not sure went that needle ends because they are connected. Please tell me what to do!!!:weary:


That phrase means that you will stop after you have knitted 53 stitches. You can do this a few different ways:

  1. Count each stitch as you knit it until you get to 53

  2. Before you start knitting that row, tie a piece of scrap yarn loosely around the right hand needle. Then you can start knitting the stitches and push that loop further down the needle/cable. You count the stitches between the loop and the tip of your right hand needle and stop when you get to 53.

Hth, Knitcindy