Baby alpaca

I’ve never used alpaca yarn before, but found a pattern I just love on p. 3 of Yarn Barn of Kansas’ new catalog. There is no mention of softnesss in the description of their yarn or in the description of Andean Treasure, which is KP’s baby alpaca.
Can anybody tell me how soft baby alpaca is?
Also, can I substitute Andean Treasure which is sport weight, for the suggested yarn, which is DK?

Baby alpaca is super soft. I’m working on a sweater made from it now (Misti Alpaca brand yarn) and it’s a joy to work with. It does shed a bit, though.

Check the guage on the yarns you’re thinking of substituting - you might be OK with that substitution.

I’ve done several scarves in the Misti Chunky Baby Alpaca and it is wonderfully soft!! So soft you just want to keep touching it.

I have used the Misti Baby Alpaca too and it’s sooo soft! I have also used Plymouth’s Alpaca in the DK weight and it’s really soft too :thumbsup:

If you can get guage with it then you can switch it but check and see what the labels say first