Baby Afghan

I need help finding a baby afghan pattern to[COLOR=black][B]knit[/B] [/COLOR]for my daughter that is due in July of this year. or a Layette set with an Afghan. Please.:grphug:

Oh my…there are dozens of them out there! I don’t know what level you are knitting at, but here’s a few nice ones and a link where you can find more.

Lots of patterns here.

I have been a memeber for quite some time.

Okay, but… I don’t think I said you weren’t. :?? Do you mean a member of Knitting Pattern Central? They don’t require a membership. We’re any of the patterns I link to going to work for you or do you need some other type of pattern?

I liked this one:

I tried the pattern stitch to make a scarf, and it’s easy and knits up beautifully.

Good luck!