Baby Afghan on Circular needles, first time...

On my baby yarn label is a pattern for an afghan to be done with circulars. My first time with circulars although have done many layettes with regular needles. My kinda’ dumb question…How do you make an afghan on circulars? Won’t you end up with a tube instead of a flat blanket? Or do you just keep turning the work each row as with regular needles? Also, the first row starts with (RS) what does this mean? Thank you.

You will need circular needles with a long cable, they have ones with 60" cables. The cables are for the stitches that will slide down as you knit. You would only end up with a tube if you are working in the round. You turn your work as with straight needles. Rs means right side and Ws means wrong side. Your first row is the right side and when you turn your work you will be working the wrong side. I hope that this helps :grinning:


Thank you so much, Tangles…

That is just what I wanted to know. Your explanation is clear, thorough and all I needed.

Now I can start my baby afghan…'a baby shower coming up.

So grateful to you for taking the time…dds

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Your very welcome, I’m happy to help anytime :slight_smile: